The MobiTracker iPhone application is used to track a journey from start to finish sending location information back to a server where your location can be viewed by invited friends and family members on a map.


You set a time for each journey, and if you have not reached your destination within this timeframe MobiTracker will notify by email your last known whereabouts to a predefined list of contacts.

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Top Features

Planned routes

Pick a start and finish location, set a time, pick the contacts you want to be notified and go!

Track As You Go

Select the contacts you want to be notified about the route and go!

GPS Export

You can export your routes so you can open them in GPS mapping applications, like Google Earth!

Panic button (coming soon!)

Stressing out, don't know what to do? Press the panic button and notify friends, family or emergency services quickly.


Peter McUn

I love this app. My family members can track me when I'm out biking, they can check exactly where I am on a map, which gives them a nice comforting feeling.